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Energy efficient water heaters guaranteed to meet your family’s hot water needs

What better way to get your home operating more efficiently and cost-effectively than with a water heater. At California Energy Services, we carry a wide selection of water heaters for installation in any home in the El Dorado, Folsom, and Sacramento area. Additionally, we also offer repair services on water heaters to get yours back and running at peak efficiency.

Why choose our A.O Smith water heaters?

We carry A.O. Smith water heaters, to give you the best possible performance and value. We have a large selection, whether you’re looking for an electric, gas, or tankless water heater. Our ENERGY STAR® certified hot water heaters deliver industry leading energy efficiency, so you can start save energy and money from day one. They operate by retaining hot water even when it’s not being used, for longer than standard water heaters, so the energy that goes into heating the water is not wasted.

Energy efficiency is an important part of your house. We believe that in order for your house to perform well, every part of the house must be taken into account, as part of a “whole house approach.” A water heater is a vital piece of your home’s performance, and can significantly impact its overall energy efficiency.

A.O. Smith is a global leader in hot water technology, and we will bring you their innovative and efficient water heaters at an affordable price.

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