Solar Financing Options

Our team at California Energy Services firmly believes in the financing-to-own model. Solar is a great investment, generating both immediate savings and increased savings over time, not to mention an increase in property value and incentives.

Solar is a long-term investment that produces more benefits and savings over time.  Solar leasing companies know that; leasing deals are setup in favor of the leasing company, not the consumer. At CES, we believe you deserve to reap the fabulous benefits of solar ownership.

Benefits of Financing to Own

Solar ownership comes with a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Increased Property Value

  • Minimized Upfront Costs

  • Flexible Payback Options

  • Decades of Free Electricity

Your El Dorado Hills Solar Installation

California Energy Services participates in several financing programs, and we’re always open to investigate new options to meet your budget needs.

Here are some of our favorite programs:

  • CaliforniaFIRST - Get upfront funding for energy-efficient upgrades to your home or business, and repay the cost on your property bill over time.

  • mPower - Financing, incentives, and rebates for property owners who wish to make energy upgrades and improvements.

  • GreenSky - Flexible financing options for the consumer finance marketplace, staged funding and high approval rates for home improvement upgrades.

(We have also worked with SMUD Financing and EnerBank USA)

Ready to Take the Next Step? California Energy Services is.

At CES, we understand the importance of energy efficient and cost effective solar, and we’re ready to assist you in meeting your home’s individual needs. Call us today to schedule your free solar consultation.

Read our Solar FAQs to learn more.

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