The Benefits

Solar is gaining popularity in El Dorado Hills and the Greater Sacramento region for good reason: homeowners with solar installations save money every month on their utility bills, increase their home's value, and produce clean, renewable energy from the sun. What's not to love?

  • No More Monthly Electricity Bill

  • Minimal Maintenance

  • Full 25 Year Warranty

  • 5.5% Financing

  • Clean, Carbon-Free Electricity

Before beginning a new solar job, we conduct a full house report to identify any cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades that will decrease your electricity usage. After, we conduct a full solar analysis, we spec an appropriate-sized solar array that will supply your home with enough electricity to meet its electricity needs with clean renewable energy. This is not cookie-cutter solar — this is a tailored individual solar solution.

The Equipment

At California Energy Services, we have a proven track record of successful solar projects and a growing list of satisfied customers who understand the value of tailored solar solutions for their homes. Over the years we have been early adopters of the latest technologies and offer top-notch inverters and panels that are built to last.

Enphase Micro Inverters

Higher Power and EfficiencyIndividual Panel Monitoring25 Year Warranty -- Will Last Lifetime of Panel

Solar World Panels

Known for Reliability, Performance and Value25 Year Warranty Made in USA

Finance to Own

With the growth of solar over the past few years, larger financial firms have entered the solar market offering zero-down solar leases to anyone with sufficient roof space. They own the panels, reap the bulk of the financial rewards of solar ownership, while you pay them a fee each month that often is very close to what you already pay for electricity. 

Solar is an investment that pays a significant return to those who own the panels. At California Energy Services, we firmly believe that YOU, the homeowner, deserve the financial benefits of solar ownership. That is why we offer competitive finance-to-own models that minimize your upfront costs and allow you to pay off your panels in plenty of time to enjoy years of free electricity. 

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“Prompt and professional. I was impressed at the quality of installation and the competitive price of it all."

— Robert L.

"California Energy Services was very helpful before, during and after installing our solar system. The company was very responsive to our needs and installation was fast and professional"

— Annie W.

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