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Considering an Energy Retrofit?

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Rebates offer up to $5,000 (or $8,000 if your home has electric heating) for whole-house energy retrofits performed by participating contractors. 

Why Whole-House Energy Retrofits?

The SMUD Home Performance Program (HPP) partners with contractors who are trained in building science principles that focus on the house as one, interconnected system. Whole-house retrofits, performed by participating contractors, ensure that all of your home's parts are working together for optimal efficiency.  

How Whole-House Energy Retrofits Work

Think of a building science trained contractor as a detective. We look for clues (drafts, uneven temps, moisture, mold, etc) that hint at problem areas. A typical contractor might install a new AC system, while a building science trained contractor identifies the many small issues that contribute to a house being too warm. An AC system may still be installed, but it will operate at a much lower cost. Whole-house energy retrofits ensure that energy is conserved, money is saved, and homeowners are happy.

As a SMUD HPP Contractor, California Energy Services is the right company to address your high energy bills.

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