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Get Your Nest Thermostat through Sacramento’s Leading Installer

At California Energy Services, we consider everything that affects the energy efficiency of your home. This includes the thermostat. Nest is a revolutionary technology that learns to reduce your energy consumption through behavior tracking. We install Nest thermostats in El Dorado Hills, Folsom, and Sacramento.


How is Nest different from normal thermostats?

On your average thermostat, the device relies on you to set the temperature. In more recent years companies have started offering the ability to program them to change temperatures at certain times of day, yet it’s still an imperfect technology that most users don’t take full advantage of. Many users don’t end up saving energy because the devices don’t perform well, and are confusing to use.

That can all be put in the past with Nest. Instead of making you punch in the numbers manually, Nest learns from your habits and behaviors. During the week when you set the thermostat to different temperatures at different times, Nest is paying attention, and compiles this data -- building a schedule for your HVAC system so you don’t have to fiddle around with the thermostat every time you leave the house.


Why Nest is right for you

Nest will make your life easier, more comfortable, and increase your home’s energy efficiency. You won’t have to struggle to input the right schedule, it will know for past behavior, and automatically warm and cool your house accordingly. The Nest display is very intuitive and has neat features that quickly alert you to the status of your HVAC systems:

  • screen fades black when not in use

  • screen activates when you approach

  • displays blue for cooling, and orange for heating

  • allows you to change the temperature from your smartphone or laptop from anywhere in the world!


Energy Efficient and Cost Effective

Nest is designed to save you energy by recognizing when you are away, and automatically operating your HVAC system at a minimal level. Any time you are running the system at an energy saving level, it will show you with a green leaf. If you’re heating your house, you can turn the thermostat down and it will show you when you start saving energy. It also provides an estimate of how long it will take to heat the space up to your desired temperature, so you can plan when you adjust your temperature. The mobile (iOS) and web app will allow you to adjust the temperature remotely, so you don’t pay for heating or cooling your house when you aren’t there.

There are many reasons to get Nest, and we believe that it will make your home more comfortable and easier to manage for peak energy efficiency. At California Energy Services, we are a Nest Certified business, and the leading Nest installer in the Sacramento area. Our competent crew are well trained professionals who will make the installation of your new thermostat easy and enjoyable.

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