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Looking to boost home efficiency without a huge financial commitment?

mPower is a new PACE program for Placer County and Folsom homeowners, featuring a low, fixed interest rate and no money down.

Smart Upgrades with PACE Financing

Property Assessed Clean Energy programs, like mPower, CaliforniaFIRST, and Ygrene utilize property value and equity to make energy efficient upgrades more convenient than ever before. PACE programs are an innovative funding model centered on increasing your property value by taking the intimidating financial burden off the homeowner’s shoulders.

Who Qualifies?

By serving all of Placer County, including unincorporated areas and the City of Folsom, mPower offers a variety of property owners a chance to participate and improve their energy efficiency. Owners of residential, commercial, industrial, and business properties are eligible.

Eligible Efficiency Upgrades

The mPower program champions high standards and thorough guidelines for energy efficient equipment, giving you as the customer the best opportunity to qualify for rebates and other incentives. Upgrades that are eligible for these rebates include:

In addition to these upgrades, mPower also offers financing for lighting, which consumes nearly 35% of the electricity used in commercial buildings. In 2010, California commercial and industrial businesses spent approximately $7.45 billion on lighting alone.

As if the Home Itself Takes out the Loan

PACE programs are gaining popularity in Northern California for their convenience and flexibility. Customers who finance through a PACE program make payments using their property tax bill, so instead of being withdrawn monthly, you’ll have two easy-to-manage annual payments.

But that’s not the only convenient feature! Say you replace your AC this summer, but decide to move out of state in September. With a PACE program, instead of continuing to pay for an AC in a house you no longer live in, any remaining payments stay tied to the home and simply transfer to the new property owner. This is a great way to increase long-term property value using energy efficient upgrades, without the traditional financial commitment.

Need a Starting Place? Schedule an Energy Audit

Whether your property is commercial or residential, take advantage of our free energy assessments and have an experienced Energy Specialist evaluate your property and talk to you about where you can save.

California Energy Services is proud to partner with mPower and other PACE programs, and we will continue to work with you to ensure you are getting the most cost-effective upgrades possible.

Ready to learn more about this (and more) financing options? Contact us today!

Is your area not included in the above programs? Don’t worry! California Energy Services offers other great financing programs.

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