Mini-Split Heat Pumps


Are you looking for a ductless mini-split heat pump for your El Dorado Hills-area home? California Energy Services offers affordable repair and installation for all mini-split pump systems. The installation of heat pumps is fast and straightforward, and the sleek indoor unit can be mounted on either the wall or the floor. Mini-split systems can also provide benefits that your normal heating system may not. 

The Benefits of Mini-Split Heat Pump Systems

Just like traditional heat pumps, a mini-split heat pump has a outdoor compressor/condenser that is connected to an indoor air handling unit. These two units are connected to each other through power and refrigeration lines, and therefore do not need to be run through ductwork. As a result, mini-split heat pumps are much more energy efficient than other heating alternatives, and much more cost effective over a longer period of time. Additionally, other than a power line running from the home’s service panel to the outdoor unit, and a small condensate drain line running off of the indoor unit, these two components and their connecting lines make up the entire infrastructure of the pump. This results in an extremely compact and innovative design.

Mini-split heat pumps are also:  

  • Brand name reliable

  • Flexible at heating and cooling rooms

  • Design flexible, as they can be mounted on either floor or wall

  • Room by room controllable

  • Energy efficient

The Benefits of Getting Your Mini-Split System Through CES

Our technicians are trained to service all makes and models of ductless mini-split heat pumps, and can provide quick and effective installation services. Our team is skilled in both installation and repair work. If you’re experiencing an issues with your current system, our professionally trained technicians will get your pump back up and running in no time. You can trust us to provide a expert opinion and an accurate diagnosis on your repair. 
Interested in experiencing the benefits of a mini-split heat pump for yourself? Contact CES today to set up a consultation. 

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