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A Beautiful Addition to Your Home

Necessary for a beautiful, energy efficient home

A door can make all the difference in making your home exactly the way you want it to look. Not only that, but when a high quality door is installed, it can reduce drafts and energy loss through cracks and spaces in the doorway. At California Energy Services, we install patio style doors across El Dorado Hills, Folsom, and Sacramento.

Milgard doors means reliability

The Milgard doors we sell are expertly crafted, made out of fine wood that retains its beauty for years to come. Their elegant designs will make your living space more comfortable, increase natural light, and allow for easy access to the outdoors. Not only are Milgard doors stylish, but are also customizable to your home, so you can find a door that suits your needs for almost any space in your home. All our Milgard doors come with their industry leading Lifetime Warranty, including parts and labor.

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Part of the “Whole House” Approach

In order to make your home more energy efficient, we are firm believers that the whole house has to be taken into consideration, no matter what is being installed or repaired. A door is an important part of that process. Large sliding glass doors, or glass heavy doors can be a source of a lot of heat loss when improperly manufactured and installed, and can increase air infiltration and drafts. That’s why we only install  doors from Milgard, a trusted and proven source that specializes in expert craftsmanship and high quality glass.

At CES, we offer:

  • Sliding doors

  • French Sliding doors

  • French In-Swing doors

  • French Out-Swing doors

  • Stacking glass walls

  • Pocket glass walls

  • Bi-fold glass walls


If you’re interested in finding out more about our Milgard doors, contact us or call 916-737-1107 there for more information.

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