Put That Hot Sun to Good Use... Go Solar!

Put That Hot Sun to Good Use... Go Solar!

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Anyone living between Greater Sacramento and the Sierra Foothills knows that temperatures have been out-of-control hot this summer. Many of us are struggling to keep up with the heat. We often complain about the sun’s rays and what they mean for our air conditioning bills during the summer months, but there’s no getting around the fact that the sun is the most powerful resource of natural energy in our universe. So, why not take advantage of the massive amount of power that the sun has to offer?

Solar Power: The Future of Renewable Energy

It’s no secret that we’ve long relied on non-renewable resources throughout time to power our world. Evidence has shown over the years that our planet simply cannot sustain such methods of generating power, and a bright future can only exist with the help of alternative energy sources. Wind and hydroelectric have been employed in many different capacities to generate power without doing great harm to our environment, but for California homeowners, nothing compares to the efficiency and sustainability of solar.

California is at a clear advantage in comparison to many other parts of the country when it comes to solar energy. We see a great deal of sunshine throughout the year. Rather than allowing this powerful energy source go to waste, homeowners are installing solar panel arrays to capture and harness the sun’s rays and use them to generate electricity.

The Benefits of Going Solar

Many homeowners have thought about embracing solar power at one point or another, but it’s not uncommon to wonder whether or not solar is right for your home. Here are just a handful of the benefits associated with going solar, many of which will be immediately noticeable:

  • Consistent Energy Bills When You Finance Your PV System...No Rate Increases!

  • Self-reliant Electricity Production

  • Multiple Financing Options

  • Increased Home Resale Value

  • Natural, Sustainable Energy Independence!

Why not go solar with the help of California Energy Services?

When you combine a battery storage system with your solar installation, you can enjoy energy created by the hot California sun well into the evening. Even without a storage system, net metering ensures that you benefit from every watt of power you produce!

From Rancho Cordova to Placerville: CES Your Solar Experts

At California Energy Services, we firmly believe that solar power represents the future of renewable energy for homeowners. Questions? We’d love to discuss what a solar electric system can do for your home.

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