Can Your Furnace Handle the Winter?

Can Your Furnace Handle the Winter?

As winter approaches your furnace needs to work well to keep you and your family warm.
Maintaining your furnace and knowing when it needs repairs or replacement is key to staying comfortable and having peace of mind.

Furnace Failure Rates

If your furnace breaks down, especially during the night on a weekend, getting it fixed can take time and end up being expensive.
77% of furnaces that stop working need significant repairs.

Preventative Maintenance is Key

Reduced chance of failure
Avoidance of costly emergency repairs
Increased heating system efficiency
Extended furnace lifespan
Reduced energy bills
Improved home comfort
Increased peace of mind
Reduced risk of carbon monoxide

You Need to Fix or Replace Your Furnace If...

A strange smell from your furnace could indicate a leak or a problem with the motor.
It’s making strange sounds
You’re too cold and then too hot, indicating uneven home heating