Have You Visited the California State Fair?

"You know, I always said that I didn't like avocados. And then I found out that they were fattening. And I said 'Well, I know if it's fattening, I should like it'. So I went back and I gave it another try. And sure enough, I loved 'em." - Paula Deen

It’s State Fair season!

Horse racing, free concerts, classic cars, and deep-fried-anything - the California State Fair is a must-see for all ages!

Open July 10th - 26th, the State Fair is always located at Cal Expo. It’s a great opportunity to see old friends, try new foods and drinks, and see the best California has to offer!

July 10th - 26th
9am - 5pm

Cal Expo Fairgrounds
1600 Exposition Blvd.


See you there!